Senior User Experience Designer

Mobile - Web - Desktop

I give your customers a voice and I passionately work to create a friendly, easy to use experience. I focus on everything from user testing, layout design, flow diagrams, documentation, iteration, prioritization and above all collaboration.


Spike Laser Device for iOS - Android

Spike is the world's first laser accurate Smartphone measurement accessory, developed by survey technology veteran, ikeGPS. In June 2014, I joined their home office, in Wellington, New Zealand, to direct their UX initiative. I manage company UX processes, lead user testing sessions and create wireframe designs, documentation, and prototypes. I work closely with our visual artist and programmers, as well as collaborate international stakeholders and managers.

LEGO Universe

Massively Multiplayer Online Game for PC - Mac

Led the UI team to create a fun yet sophisticated interface for a fully featured game for kids. Worked with international clients in Europe and traveled for collaboration and user testing.

The LEGO Universe project was created by over 130 artists, programmers, managers, and designers. The game was live from 2010 - 2012 where we serviced over 1 million players in a kid-safe online environment.

SuperCami, LLC

Werewolf Card Game

I created the layout and design of this card game. I also hosted playtest sessions and worked on iterative improvements. developer for web

I designed and coded this site entirely from scratch. Self taught HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery - utilizing my Computer Science background.